Monthly Invoicing Online Software...
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Products, Services, Rent, Tuition....

Monthly invoicing software...
Invoice example

Monthly Invoicing Online Software (Rent, Training centers...)

May have an enrollment or installation fee, does monthly control of customer payments, and every end of the month, when the customer pays, issues invoice and receipt with one click. Use with all your 5, 15, 25 up to 50 workers. The system controls:

  • Who paid
  • When was it paid
  • Who owes.
  • How much owes
Invoice example

Normal invoicing

  • Example: For one or more products or services
Invoice example

Pre-paid billing (Gyms, Domain supply)

  • Example: The customer pays 30 days of use
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Why Us?

Look at this list of advantages:

  • Add new customers when you are issuing the quote. There is no need to first add the customer and then come back and issue the quote. No need to register any client, register as you quote.
  • Issue quotes, invoices, receipts, and delivery guides.
  • If the customer paid 27%, issue a receipt for 27%. If they paid an exact amount, issue a receipt for that amount and automatically know the percentage
  • Each customer has a history page with all issued quotes
  • Create labels to organize inventory. Create labels within labels. For example, if you sell Toyota car filters, create a Toyota label that contains all the products you sell from Toyota and then a filter label, containing only Toyota filters, thus excluding those from Ford or other brands.
  • The System self-organizes quotes, invoices, and delivery guides by the worker who issued them.
  • Automatically generate and export a price list of all your products.
  • Send quotes via email within the System.
  • Issue quotes, invoices, and receipts in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.
  • Write the total final price and the System automatically deducts VAT. Decide any price you want, the System will handle the tax.
  • We have a Product Cart. Yes, you read that right. Do you sell a gazillion products? Pick and choose your products from different product categories, suppliers, or even from the results of your searches and add them to your Product Cart. This is great when you are preparing an important quote and want to take the time to edit and better organize the products.
  • Transform your Product Cart into a Saved List, and reuse for frequent bought items.
  • Register customers for a monthly subscription and issue an invoice and receipt at the end of each month when they pay. The System will automatically place the customer in one of three states: paid, not yet paid, or in debt.
  • Register customers for pre-paid subscriptions and issue an invoice and receipt with a single click whenever the customer renews.
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$50 1.500,00 Mt ($25 USD) for 50 users per year

We have the best offer in the market. Use with all your employees and enjoy great innovations and quality. Our Apps software is available in 4 languages and is used in more than 50 countries

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