Online Sales Tracker and Invoicing Software
Monitor your best and worst selling products, your monthly, daily, weekly sales and more

Supports four languages: English, Português, Français, Español

Your Sales

Track your sales online:

  • Per month
  • Per day
  • Per week
  • Per year
  • Best and worst selling products
  • And more

Stock Control

Stock Control and Management Software for Shops or Stores

For those who need to:

  • Know how much you have in stock of products, both in terms of quantities and amounts.
  • Make a receipt, sales record, for each product that leaves your stock.
  • Have a summary of Sales per day, week and month
  • Use either on a Touch POS or Laptop/Tablet/Phone connected to a Thermal Printer (we only support 80 mm printer)
  • Stock control software, Real-time Inventory, Stock level control

Stock Management

Quotes, Invoices and Receipts Software

For those who need to:

  • Issue quotes and invoices to your customers.
  • Send the quote or invoice directly without leaving the system

Gym Software

Software for Monthly Subscriptions like Gyms, Training Centers, Real Estate...

For those who need to:

  • Enroll customers in a monthly subscription and at the end of each month issue a bill and receipt when they pay. The System will automatically place the customer in one of 3 states: paid, not yet paid, is in debt.
  • Enroll customers in prepaid subscriptions and issue a bill and receipt in one click whenever the customer renews.

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