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How it Works?

  1. First add your products or services
  2. Whenever you make a sale, simply write the codes or names of the products in the system message box:
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Track and Record all sales and organize them by day, week and month

The ShopChat main screen shows all sales by hour, day, week and month organized in chronological order. It also shows the quantity of products or services and the values.

Instant Quotes, Invoices and Receipts

It's tedious and tiring to be constantly issuing quotes. But for you, it ends today. Make the quote in seconds without wasting time and send it to the email within the system itself.

Software de Facturação

Chat with your Store

Talk to your Store with our Artificial Intelligence, find out big or obscure details. Ask questions like:

  • How many phones were sold today?
  • How many haircuts did we do yesterday
  • How many beers have we sold in the last seven days

Ideal for:

  • Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Workshops
  • Barbershops/Beauty Salons
  • Transportation, Cleaning Companies...
  • And much more

Examples of Quotes

See some examples below:.

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Why Us?

Check out this list of advantages:

  • Artificial Intelligence - use natural language to issue quotes and navigate the system. It could be the difference between making a sale while on the go or not.
  • Add new clients at the moment you make the quote. No need to first go and add the client and then come back to issue the quote. No need to register anyone, register at the moment.
  • Issue quotes, invoices, receipts, Sales Voucher, and delivery guides.
  • If the client paid 27%, issue a 27% receipt. If they paid an exact amount, issue a receipt for the amount and automatically know the percentage.
  • Each client has a History Page with all issued quotes
  • Create Labels to organize inventory. Create labels within labels. For example, if you sell Toyota filters, create a Toyota label containing all products you sell from Toyota and then a filters label, containing only Toyota filters, thus excluding those from Ford or other brands.
  • The System auto-organizes quotes, invoices, and delivery guides by the worker who issued them.
  • Automatically manage and export a price list for all your products.
  • Send quotes by email within the System.
  • Issue quotes, invoices, and receipts in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.
  • Write the final total price and the System automatically deducts the VAT. Decide any price you want, the System will handle the tax.
  • Subscribe your customers in a monthly subscription and at the end of each month issue an invoice and receipt when they pay. The System will automatically place the client in one of 3 states: paid, has not yet paid, is in debt.
  • Subscribe your customers in prepaid subscriptions and issue an invoice and receipt in one click whenever the client renews.
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